Elevating the Experience.

Every time you enter into a Jade Elevator, we make you feel uplifted and elated. This is our simplest motto; and we do this by combining avant-garde engineering with state of the art design and innovations. Our elevators are worthwhile experiences adorned with high safety, finest quality and sheer comfort.

Moving People.
Moving Lives.

More than two and a half decades, the promoters of Jade Elevators have dedicated to mastering the art of making and selling beautiful elevators. In 2012, they gave their efforts a concrete shape of Jade Elevators. Naturally, it didn’t take very long for Jade Elevators to shine through the world and level up the urban mobility solutions. Besides moving thousands (approx number) of people, we have moved many lives, evoked many emotions and created many positive experiences.

  • Jadeite

    Jadeite is a significantly rare part of Jade (stone), so is Jadeite package for Jade Elevators. We present you an exclusive range of …

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  • Elevator Products

    Jade Elevators has an art of world-class technology to design and developed Gearless Machines, Geared Machines, Jedor Doors, Guide Rails, Escalator.

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  • Nephrite

    Inspired by the oldest, reliable and energetic part of Jade (stone) – Nephrite perfectly describes Jade Machine Room Geared Elevators…

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